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The size of the horse blanket is , ofcourse, very important . Rather choose a larger blanket than a small blanket to avoid bald spots and crowded places. In the fur or skin See section size chart for horse blankets.
It is important to determine what type of material the horse blanket is made .

A horse blanket gets in the course of his life to endure a lot of our darlings . Our blankets are a very strong canvas or cotton fabric / oxford from 600-1200 - 1800D . the strength and weight of the material is expressed in denier .

The higher the number, the stronger the blanket ( from 600 Denier is a strong blanket , blankets between 1200 and 1800 Denier are very strong blankets ) . This obviously determines the price of the horse blanket but believe me, cheap is usually expensive sale because often the blanket needs to be repaired or is so damaged in a short time, you must buy a new one again.

The thickness of the filling of the blanket is important when purchasing a winter blanket. The thickness of the filling press from one in Poly Fill value . The higher this value polyfill , the warmer the horse. Blankets with minimum filling ( 100) or a medium blanket (200 ) to be used in early autumn . Blankets with thicker padding ( 300 and more ) are ideal for the middle of winter .

It is important, therefore, that a horse blanket has a special coating. This coating protects the horse blanket from rain and / or dirt . Teflon coating provides excellent protection against both rain and dirt . They are therefore usually more expensive horse blankets that have a teflon coating. Our blankets have a Teflon coating and are waterproof and water resistant .

Are the surcingles of a horse blanket elastic than it adds value to the horse blanket. The horse can hurt itself when the strap rips off and pulls the blanket down . The elastic straps give in when the horse is rolling so that the horse can not hurt itself  and the blanket will be drawn not broken

Also useful are the special folds or a slit in the horse blanket on the front leg of the horse and the horse can move freely.

The blanket is fitted with a double chest closure and chest lining is again advantageous against abrasion of the skin.

Also a soft shoulder protector is a plus .

Note also the finish of the blanket : seamless back, low set cross surcingles which connect through the blanket , detachable elastic leg straps , tail flap .


When a blanket want / need to do a horse is often a personal choice . Below we give a standard recommendation :
1. 0 grams waterproof blanket , at temperatures below 14 degrees. ( also located on the moisture content , whether it rains a lot ) . Above 15 degrees , we do  have our fly rugs.
2. waterproof 150/200 grams blanket , at temperatures of from about 5 till 10 degrees.
3. 300g waterproof blanket , at temperatures below 5 degrees and freezing .


Brush or spray washing to remove all the loose dirt as much of the blanket, neck piece or mask. These products may hand or machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees with low speed for centrifuging. Normal detergents for household use and fabric softener may have an allergic reaction in your horse , and could affect the water resistance . No article may be steamed , dry-cleaned or tumble dried .

Blankets that are not waterproof as summer eczema blankets , fly rugs , blankets and sweat shed blankets can be washed if needed, this fabric remains breathable and quick-drying.

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Waterproof blankets that too often and too warm crops lose their waterproof and breathable properties , in addition, they shrink and can easily release the seams . Always follow the washing instructions on the label of the blanket . These blankets can be washed once every three months with daily use . Always use special detergent for blankets blanket with a water-repellent fabric . Normal detergents for household use and softener can damage the water repellent layer or completely break down . These water -repellent coating will always be to wear due to the use of the blanket in the course of time . Besides wrong and frequently wash this layer is also affected by and doffing , folding , hanging , sanding and sand .

Dry your horse rugs NEVER in a dryer ! Just let them dry on the line . Put your blankets always completely dry in a cool , dry place in a plastic bag .

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