Terms of Sale

* Ordering

When you place order, we will assume that you wish to receive . Specified product You will receive a confirmation email from us containing your order number, the total amount ( including shipping ) and payment terms .

* Cancel order

You legally Week 7 days for your order to come back. If you have already paid , but if the product has not yet been sent , you will be refunded the amount transferred to your bank account . When the product has been shipped , you can return shipment at own expense. After you get good reception purchase cost return .

* Payment Terms

Payment in advance by bank or giro transfer or iDEAL . Shall specify the payment your order number . In the confirmation email you received , by this time you will find all the information to make the amount. ( Including shipping ) within 7 weekdays to us If after this period no payment is received , the order will be canceled automatically . If you still wish to receive the products , then place a new order .

* Shipment

Shipping (at own risk ) is provided by TNT or DHL . Basically, we ship by default , unless you request otherwise. At the checkout you can choose from several shipping options . We are not liable for the loss of your order with the normal shipping method ! For this you should choose insured or registered ! Our standard shipping costs are € 7.95 ( this includes VAT and packaging and handling costs ) . In order for sending COD is the customer's cash costs due at any time . When not collect or accept cash on delivery cash on delivery , the cost will be increased by € 5 , = administration

* Responsibility

We assume that you own your ordered product as soon as the payment thereof has been made. Luba Horse blankets will treat your product with care and transfer to the TNT / DHL .

Shipment of your order , as described at your own risk . You can choose registered post / to send to mitigate this risk. Ensure your products If you do not indicate , the shipment according to standard procedure . Luba Horse Rugs can not be held responsible for any loss Be it for damage during transportation . Responsible

* Delivery

After receiving your payment , you will receive a confirmation Luba Horse Rugs . It is made clear when your order is handed over to the TNT / DHL . This will generally be the case within 5 working days . IDEAL payment the next working day will be delivered as indicated on the website . Normally ship your order

For products not in stock , we will indicate the expected delivery time . In case of force majeure is viewed separately , of course in consultation with you , the customer.

Should you have any requests Be it questions , you can always contact us via email [email protected] .

* Warranty

All horse blankets, neck pieces, masks are guaranteed against manufacturing and / or material defects . This warranty is valid for a period of six months provided that proof of purchase may be submitted . Also serve the cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed , see also " washing and maintenance " under the heading " Information" . Blankets that too often and too hot washed lose their waterproof and breathable properties , in addition, they shrink and can easily release the seams .
Damage caused by external violence ( such as nails , screws , horse teeth , grind or pull ) is not covered under the warranty .
For any outdoor rug is that you should take into account that water can penetrate along the edges and stitching . In the blanket White spots on the inner lining is a clear signal that the blanket is too hot . Your horse will then sweated under his blanket .

* Return sending / Liability

You have 14 days for your order to arrive , or to change back. , As mentioned,

If despite everything not satisfied with the product you can, within 7 days after receipt of the blanket and return at your own expense . The blanket must be 100% clean, quite , free of hair and in original packaging . Caution ! Returns must be through your account on our website prior notification With good reception, of course, given the cost of returning the product . The costs incurred by you to return to send the shipment will not be reimbursed by us . If the product delivered directly exhibits a defect please return the product to send , so we can exchange . Return within 48 hours The costs that you make this , of course, come at our expense . When returning a product because of the cancellation costs for your own account . Come We will immediately exchange the item or refund depending on the situation . All shipments must be sufficient postage otherwise they can not be processed. In case of refund , we will calculate the shipping costs , unless a result of any shortcoming on our part, these costs should come. Reasonably our expense

Deviations from these conditions of return are permitted only by express agreement between the consumer and Luba horse blankets.

For complaints , tips and ideas and we invite you to contact contact us. Within our means , we will do everything we can to satisfy you.

* Water resistance

The water resistance of a blanket refers to the substance and not the entire blanket. The fabric of the blanket should have been that they are coated with a material that makes up the waterproof fabric waterproof.
However, it is true that blanket water can enter the attachments of the webbing, chest closure , tail flap , rush around , gussets, rings at each mark for fixing neck , etc. These components can be used in the manufacturing getapeseald process with no brand . These attachments are sewn on the blanket with a thin needle . Through the holes of the needle , going in heavy rain , with each brand blanket of water inside, because these holes so can not be . Getapeseald
The seams of the blanket , have full getapeseald . Other brands wise in their websites on the needle holes .

The Integrity of our blankets is shown in ....... mm , this is the amount of water that the blanket can hold under pressure. The higher the value, the better ( and longer ) the blanket is resistant (heavy ) rain . Another determining factor is the breathability of the fabric. The breathability . " Breathability " is expressed in grams per m2 per 24 hours, with values ranging from 2.000 ( breathability ) up to 4500 (extreme breathability ) .

All of our outdoor rugs are constantly tested whether they meet the water resistance value we deliver to the appropriate dean . Would you despite this not completely satisfied with the waterproofness of your purchased blanket ( matter) , you can report it within two months after purchasing the blanket. In that case we will test the blanket or it meets the waterproof blanket for that value . If the blanket there on would not comply , we will send you a coupon worth the purchase price + shipping which passed to spend in our web -shop .

* Privacy

Your address and email address are kept only for our own records. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties !

* Reliability

Luba Horse Rugs is part of Luba International bv and with the Chamber of Commerce Limburg registered under number 12,055,398 . Luba Horse Rugs have a lot of respect for its customers and would enter into contact with its customers . She pays attention to your order . You can always ask to contact us !

* Available of Products

Luba Horse Rugs will be the right pieces of display products as well as possible . However, during or immediately after a trade , stocks must be updated manually. This happens as soon as possible after the fair .

Placing an order automatically means that you agree with the above conditions .

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